ECERS — Evropski center za etnične, regionalne in sociološke študije
                   Univerze v Mariboru

ECERS — European Centre for Ethnic, Regional and Sociological Studies
                   of the University of Maribor    

On-going project:


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Past projects:


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Bridge_koncepti FINAL 7 - krivulje

Please consult the Project’s web-page for additional info:www.project-bridge.eu






MEINEPO – Master Studies in European Integration and Neighbourhood Policy in Moldova (2007-2008)



HUMANSLO – Respect of Human Dignity and Non-discrimination Principle in the Work of Border Police and in the Execution of Prison Penalties – The Case of Slovenia (2007-2008)


POGESTEI – Post-Graduate Studies for European Integration at Faculties of Law of the Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš – Serbia (2005-2008)



DISCSLOV – Training and education for combating discrimination in Slovenia (2005-2006)